Thursday, October 21, 2010


Facebook is evidently my blog. I suppose I thrive more on the interaction of comments and banter that occurs with Facebook. However, in case there happens to be some family (or friends) out there who "follow" the blog and aren't on Facebook, here's the latest snapshot of the Smith Family.
Since my last post, Justin and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. The last year has brought us my 30th birthday, our 3rd child, and an anniverary hallmark worthy of the gift of tin (per the "official" anniversary gift guide). We took a trip to Seattle for some work and more play. I couldn't even begin to tell you how blessed I feel to have Justin as my partner in this life. Kenlee has already decided that he will be the "chef" at her wedding because he is the best cook she knows. I'm going to focus on that instead of the fact that she said "wedding" in a personal tone. Geez.
Kelton is my daily dose of laughter. He's getting to an age where his analytical ways are actually making me ponder, and I love it! He has new theories and new ideas that stretch my perceptions. God has big plans for this charmer and his "outside-the-box" approach. This photo is a snapshot of him enjoying some ribs. He most always has a mess around his mouth. "Go wash your face" is my repetitious phrase with him. He is enjoying 1st grade as much as a 7 year old boy could be expected to enjoy school. Recess is still his favorite time of day.
Kenlee has been doing well in 4th grade. She is doing UIL prep/tryouts/practice for various teams now. She cheers for the Tigers and loves dance. She has made some very mature decisions lately without prompting, and that makes me proud. She has been volunteering with Little Leaguers of Junior League Abilene, and she seems to really enjoy getting to see the bigger picture.
Miss Blakely is 8 months old!!!! The house is her oyster (and Kelton is having to adjust to that-- his toys are now the object of Blakely's determination). She is pulling up on the fireplace- making me nervous! She hasn't had any teeth come through yet. She waves Bye-Bye and consistently says "mama", "da", "sis", "bite-bite". Kelton gets a bit discouraged that we point to one of us, and she calls them, but when we point to Kelton, she just grins the biggest grin. Kenlee is convinced that Blakely gives her high-5's ;)
The other bit of the week is filled with me pursuing my other venture. I have been developing Captured Photography, and I truly love it. When I edit photos, I grin until my cheeks hurt. I love getting to know the families I work with and trying to capture a depiction of their personalities and relationships. My current web site is, but I am working on getting a more comprehensive site designed.
That pretty much encompasses what we have been spending our days doing. Growing, learning, playing and arguing ;)

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